AVD Motorsports is a marketing, digital and communication agency. We deliver “client success” and adapt behaviors necessary to thrive and grow. “Client success” is not a rhetorical gesture or a marketing slogan but a philosophy that permeated the way our company approaches every client.

Our core values are melded together to form a culture that is identified as a critical factor in keeping a positive work environment and providing only the best practices for our clients. Creativity, leadership, openness, people growth and relationships are embedded in our daily routines. Our desire for our client’s success is unparalleled and we are focused on results unlike anyone else.

"It is easy to get intoxicated with Ashley’s melodious voice and attractive look, leaving you thinking later about how she knew all the facts she was presenting. This gal brings a skill set not often found in motorsport, knowledge of the physics and the people that make it all work."

- Bob Woodhouse, Marketing, WC Vision LLC.